Dear colleagues and colleagues,

the pages you open are the home web address of the Czech Cooperative Group for Head and Neck Cancer, z.s. 

This association was formed by the need to formally link experts in the diagnosis and treatment of head and neck cancer, to provide them with a platform that would provide a forum for more intensive exchanges of interdisciplinary views and at the same time to represent them vis-à-vis both the public and foreign organizations.

The main reasons for the origin and the currently planned activity of the Cooperative Groups for Head and Neck Cancer can be summarized in the following points:

  • The group represents a representative industry-balanced body that is a valid partner of international organizations such as the European Head and Neck Company or the International Head and Neck Federation of Oncology Societies and can participate in international EU programs such as Science and Technology Collaboration.

  • The group supports the interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and opinions mainly through the organization of interdisciplinary conferences.

  • The group initiates interdisciplinary clinical research projects and supports the inclusion of domestic workplaces in international scientific projects.

  • The group participates in postgraduate education in individual fields and supports interdisciplinarity within this training.

  • The group participates in the educational work in terms of the prevention and early diagnosis of head and neck cancers towards the professional and lay public.

  • The group is involved in publishing the journal "Head and Neck Cancer News"

For the Group Committee::

Prof. MUDr. Jan Klozar, CSc.

prim. MUDr. Ivan Pár
General Secretary